Safe travels Howard

December 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

4th session on Howard.
As you may have seen we are making unusually fast progress on his backpiece. This was a design i was always very interested in making and something that he fell in love with immediately. This combination of excitement and positivity are the main ingredients for progress.
Howard has an interesting and very touching story… One that i have learned alot from.
The loss of his wife to the battle of cancer has been the inspiration for this
Monumental backpiece.
We have shared our thoughts and support to one another over the last 12 years of working together on his tattoos. The beauty and strength of Horimono, Irezumi and large scale tattooing is very deep for me.
It creates a bond. One That runs on principles and codes.
The code of HONOR and RESPECT.
Howard is now moving to california
and we will continue his back in 6 or 7 months. Until then safe travels to you
My friend and thank you All for
the Respect.







§ 2 Responses to Safe travels Howard

  • kimberly says:

    I wish all the best for you Howard!

  • Howard says:

    Thank you Forrest! Awesome words from an awesome person!
    My wife Mary-Alena had a 26 month struggle with ALS and is finally free again to be the free spirit she always was until this disease. This tattoo means so much to me since I am continuing my journey as did the Samurai worrior after the tiger was defeated.

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