Hannya drawing

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I think i am obsessed with the Hannya.
I love masks of all types. Although the Hannya touches on something deeper with me than can be explained.
I have made alot of these desighns as tattoos over the years. I never get tired of seeing them, or making them. Acually its problably at top of my favorites tattoos to make list. Along with: Tigers, flowers, skulls, koi and the O’ mighty dragon! Wich i believe to be the most difficult tattoo to make.


Wally’s back

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This is my Lawyer! He’s the coolest.
I’ve been working on him for years.

Todays project-peter

March 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

Peter wanted a Dragon from chest to back and down ribs. Open minded…
A Tiger was added to thigh. A battle
Between Heaven and Earth!
Rough sketches were made. I started at bottom of plan, working my way up.
A long day of prepping and planning.
This is day one… Later i worked on a biker friend and things got relaxed and easier.


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Finished sleeve 2/ 2010

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Flowers from London

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Hannya for paul

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